Program for remote access to the computer

Программа для удаленного доступа на компьютер

Even a Trojan virus will seem ridiculous fun compared to that allows you to make a program for remote access to the computer lanspy.

She, probing network security, finds it flawed and implemented. As a result, a user who obtains access to your computer through the Internet, acquires almost unlimited possibilities for scanned PC, or even an entire group of devices connected to a single LAN.

The limitless possibilities of the utility upon successful port scan

Installing the program, the user will see its menu, in which six remain active bookmarks:

  1. Scanning, choosing its parameters, take into account the quality of their connection;
  2. Authentication allows logon under any fictitious name;
  3. Operation, configuration, extensive information search, what I would like to know;
  4. Check ports, work the entire program will be fruitful only upon successful completion of this procedure;
  5. Launch programs, allows you to use the investigated for different tasks;
  6. The interface allows you to configure the system to external source of information.

To counter this, already accomplished the break-in is almost impossible, the user using lanspy is not only the intimate details of the type of usernames and passwords, opened files, but also the potential to run all the installed devices on the computer. Including web Cam, remote accessto which is often determined by the properties of the device, but only more sanctioned. It becomes possible to remotely activate the camera without the knowledge of its owner, which actually means shooting a hidden camera.

The fundamental changes to system alert device

Having access to a computer through a remote connection type, you receive the ability to control from outside the system tray. And it is sending and receiving messages, changing the settings of the programs used on a PC, have been subjected to scanning, more, add, or remove utilities that are included in a specific notification system.

However, to access via the Internet to a remote computer, lanspy passing interface, using the command line. But this method is less intuitive, requires programming skills above average. Then, as developed graphics mode convenient, intuitive, used in the Russian language.