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Programs that allow you to retrieve information about the remote computer are added every day. One of them lanspy download this Russian scanner by clicking the link below.

The obvious advantages of version 2.0

To use have to learn the interface, which is flexible and transparent, but includes in the structure a certain number of bookmarks. Almost each of them defines the specific functions of the program, and not less than 25. Moreover, in some of the tabs in addition there are ear, where the user makes the required changes.

Since the utility works on the Russian language, to understand the selections easy and the process of use to perform simple tasks beautifully combined with her study.

Offer: download free lanspy 2.0now seems attractive, since it provides access to a wide range of information. Although some information about the program seem exaggerated. It is impossible to reliably know who are working at the computer, only the name of the registered user. But sometimes this information is sufficient to get access to your PC. The new version is much improved, the changes led to the following:

  • the transparency of the formulation of problems;
  • the speed of execution, waiting about a minute;
  • the completeness of the response to the sent requests;
  • the information content of the results window;
  • the ability to perform actions with the remote computer.

Follow the link below, visitors to the page can download free lanspy , and almost immediately get to work with her.

Prospects for the use of utilities

The utility gives access to the passwords, the OS determines that the remote object keeps track of running processes, and even shows the time of turning on the PC.

Experienced developers of computer networks interested in the program as a testing application, determining the safety of well developed and functioning systems in General. In addition, it allows you to manage your computers while you are away. To this end, the program interface there is a tab called Authentication, where the login is requested, a password that uses concerned.

However, with all the lanspy to give full information about your computer, allowing you to log onto it, even control it to restore lost text files, images, you will have to use other utilities.

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