Program for hacking network

Программа для взлома сети

A few decades ago, life without television seemed impossible. Even smaller brothers – animals / Pets, persuaded us in this behalf, the cat Matroskin.The modern role of TV – radio of the Soviet era, while the role of infotainment broadcaster claims the global Internet. The benefits of it to gradually go out of fashion TV – available anywhere, thanks to wireless networks.

However, TV channels are quite widely available through the Internet, but for comfortable viewing, you may need to hack network – Lanspy.

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Long known truth that the best remedy is to hack fully displayed by the utility Lanspy. Initially implemented as a network security scanner, development over time has acquired additional possibilities, one of which is: the password hacking Wi Fi. Function is reasonably useful, due to two factors:

  • access to wireless Internet can require quite spontaneously;
  • usually all WiFi connections are closed from the casual user.

Is the only reliable, partly forced the scheme to connect to the Internet the previously mentioned program for hacking network, download which our portal offers the Golden rule of “three no”: free, without registration, without sending incomprehensible text messages.

The optimal combination of universalism and specific focus – the modern criteria of advanced software

To combine completely contradictory, becomes one of the rules of good manners in programming. Despite its narrow specialization, the application Lanspy is a high degree of universalization, on the background of features that provide other free programs hacking network.

The functionality of utilities includes a number of underlying trends, with a multitude of options:

  • monitoring network security;
  • scan and display information about the remote computer;
  • hacking Wi Fi password, access to the local network.

The last point is also relatively versatile. The decryption key access is made for any coding techniques: deprecated WEP, WPA and the latest WPA2.

To hack a network or a local Wi-Fi, intercepts all the five parameters required to open access: SSID, A – and S-Nounce, the MAC address of the access point and the client. The missing elements remains the 256-bit Pre-Shared Key, which is determined through a unique set of dictionaries that are located in the cloud.

Cloud technology saves memory, offloads system resources and provides a quick selection of a key of access to a global network.