Spy program for Android

Программа шпион для андроид

Mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops, become friends of youth. Therefore, we should not be surprised, as soon appeared Lanspy – spy software for Android, recently installed only on the computer solely for Windows.

The necessary conditions that allow hacking

The advantages of this utility is obvious, although somewhat limited, if compared with the capabilities of a desktop computer. LanSpy allows you to monitor a remote object if it has Bluetooth or WiFi. All necessary for the independent surveillance software is available on laptops by default.

In some cases, Lanspy is used as the program for hacking network. Then it is very convenient being inside the same network to obtain information from several computers. The downside is that the display of the mobile device is much smaller than the screen of the monitor, therefore the information obtained even from one PC, will have to learn piece by piece.

Now spy program for Android free to download and install. The interface is much simplified, if you compare with the computer version. But functionally, the program is not inferior. Therefore, the attacker has full information about the controlled plant:

  • the on-time;
  • visited sites;
  • access the system tray, the ability to send/receive messages coming on the computer.

Examples of usage of the utility

Spy software for Android, download which now, allows you to monitor home PC. This is useful when children are often left on his own and explore the Internet independently. Only the child will turn the computer on and go online, parents can respond quickly.

Definition of visited sites will help you to filter the available information. First, after checking portal, after putting a block on his possible view, if any, will be taken. It is important not to scare children too blatant interference.

The situation described is simple and requires virtually no hacking, effectively prohibiting the removal of flags. But, in fact, the utility finds the gaps in the network and all of these actions are possible in relation to a stranger PC. Lanspy is possible to use immediately after installation, in case of successful implementations, the search of required information takes about a minute.