What is lanspy

Что такое lanspy

The Internet era is already long gone from the initial development, so spies massively embraced the network. A reasonable question about lanspy what it is – worried many of the regulars of the world wide web.

The incredible capabilities of the app

For starters, lanspy is a software that allows you to obtain comprehensive information about a remote computer. Who needs it? Just curious people wanting to know which sites fun best friends. But since lanspy download, install, run almost everyone can field use utility can only be limited by imagination.

Note. Under “everyone” here refers to the user PC with a certain OS installed and operative memory not less than 128MB.

This is because what is lanspy application is endowed with a number of possibilities and here is just a small part of them:

  • provides information about the domain controller.
  • defines local and global groups;
  • provides information about the security settings;
  • reveals network statistics.

Therefore, the main functions of the program, as the definition of a domain name or ping test object, seem to be easy fun.

Stuffing utilities

If basic information about the program is still not impressed, then it’s time to learn about lanspy that it is an effective tool with great features and ensure the following:

  • transparent interface;
  • a substantial set of configurable options;
  • the team selection for remote execution on the scanned computer.

The most interesting tab of the interface “test ports”. Having this kind of information and felt the vulnerabilities of the system, breaking the “target” PC is becoming probable. Obstacle to the operation of the program serves as a firewall when it is found, information becomes impossible.

Scanning a remote object

Still don’t know what is lanspy or how it works? A simple program that scans your computer for one of the three main parameters that the owner of the utility enters manually via the settings app. Search for used: names (or name) of computers a range of IP addresses.

The information received is in a clear table, where verbal or by using the icons displayed in the answers to selected queries, in the case of successful verification of UDP ports.

When you work with the program there are difficulties associated with the encoding of the language or wish to work in English. To avoid them, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions for using the utilities for the various versions of Windows XP/2003 or 2000.